WARRIOR SPIRIT Fitness and Self-Defense 

 Get outside of the box!   

Warrior Spirit Fitness...

*Builds self-defense skills...

*Won't damage your joints like other workouts... 

*Provides cardiovascular fitness benefits similar to swimming...

*Enhances memory, cognition, and creativity so you can learn anything faster...

*Improves your reaction speed and your ability to respond appropriately to danger...

*Strengthens your spirit, setting you on the path to mastery, freedom, and enlightenment!


All warriors, ancient and modern, have something in common called the "Warrior Spirit," and WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is about challenging, cultivating, and preparing oneself in the heroic warrior tradition.  Our FOUNDERS, SPECIAL FORCES VETERANS and some of our nation's finest trainers--are revealing for the first time to the world a challenging stick-fighting based fitness and self-defense program that will transform YOU into a HERO, a PROTECTOR, and a HEALTHIER PERSON MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY, and PHYSICALLY.  It's all about overcoming increasingly difficult challenges.  Mastering our stick-fighting art and follow-on self-defense training is a challenge unlike any other.  But if you have the courage and dedication to "stick with it," you'll not only be safer, you'll forever know that you're a member of a SPECIAL BREED.  Our drills simultaneously build endurance, speed, strength, coordination, balance, footwork, timing, self-defense skills, and shorten reaction time.  What's more, they ENHANCE YOUR BRAIN SO YOU CAN LEARN ANYTHING FASTER


Our founders have personally worked with many of the best martial artists from all over the world.  Now, we want to teach this life-changing training path to others for the security and betterment of our society.  A stick happens to be the only piece of equipment required to get started with our workouts, and it makes for a great improvised self-defense weapon!  But perhaps what's most intriguing and important is that our unique stick-fighting drills provide an incredibly efficient and natural form of "neuroplasticity" or "synaptic plasticity" enhancement training--training that effectively re-wires and enhances the brain through what we like to call "meditation in motion."  We are on the absolute cutting edge of fitness, self-defense, learning, and brain sciences!  



The OMNI-DIRECTIONAL STICK-FIGHTING ART that makes up the foundation of our fitness program is designed for self-defense against multiple attackers--particularly attackers armed with intermediate weapons such as knives, sticks, etc.  Our fighting arts turn almost any object into a self-defense weapon, and they could save your life or the lives of people around you if you ever find yourself confronted with an angry mob, a gang, or a knife-wielding attacker.  Using proper tactics, our arts can even be used against an "active shooter" in certain situations.  If you don't have a gun, the ability to pick up and effectively use objects (such as a broom handle, bottle, kitchen knife, waist belt, car keys, etc.) as self-defense weapons provides a much higher degree of security than empty-handed self-defense skills alone.  A longer object such as a broom handle can be a great equalizer when confronted with a much larger attacker because it provides a higher degree of stand-off and striking power.   


Each of our drills works the upper body, lower body, and core simultaneously--BURNING MORE CALORIES than any other workout.  Each drill also addresses frontal, sagittal, and transverse ranges of motion.  Our drills are also low impact so they won't destroy knees, shoulders, and lower backs like many popular workouts do.  In addition, every movement and strike in our drills is designed to make you more proficient at the most efficient and effective self-defense system in the world today.  Finally, since the only equipment our drills require are a simple stick, they can be done anywhere--perfect for busy professionals, adventurers, or anyone who wants maximum freedom and security!  


Do you already practice another form of fitness or self-defense?  That's ok because our program is entirely unique.  Our training will not only enhance, but it will also add a whole new dimension to whatever you're already doing!  Get the improvised weapons skills you need to be even safer on the street!  If you're ever truly in a street self-defense situation where you can't run away and you have no choice but to fight, you must remember that there are no rules in survival.  Survival is not a sport.  It's better to turn the odds in your favor by arming yourself with an improvised weapon.  


We hope to remind people that TIME, HEALTH, SECURITY, and FREEDOM are our most precious resources.  The first two are finite. But WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS can save you time and give you many extra years of life while making you safer and allowing you to have more freedom.  It also provides more fitness benefits in less time than any other workout.

Start learning NOW with our ONLINE drill tutorials!  http://warriorspirit.online  Then contact us to find out where you can train with us in-person.  Our WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS program is winner of the "FAIRFAX, VA BEST FITNESS PROGRAM" Award for 2016, 2017, and was named to the "TOP 20 BEST MARTIAL ARTS TEACHERS IN WASHINGTON, DC" by Expertise.com

Our world class instructors are increasingly being sought after by militaries, law enforcement, government agencies, security contractors, the entertainment industry, and professional athletes in the U.S. and abroad for their ability to bring students to the highest levels of human performance in a much shorter time than others. Access our instruction NOW before it's too late!

“A sword should be more than just a simple weapon, it should be an answer to life's questions.”  --Miyamoto Musashi


Thank you for checking us out! 

Kindest Regards,

The Warrior Spirit Team