WARRIOR SPIRIT Fitness and Self-Defense 

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Our training is not just about self-defense.  More broadly, it includes all aspects of motivation, creativity and human performance--and nothing says human performance like the ability to create and perform music.  We are truly humbled when we see dedicated musicians perform their craft with flawlessness and incredible creativity.  In fact, we recommend learning a musical instrument as a way to further enhance your own brain/body connection.  We're doing it ourselves!  We aren't professional musicians (yet), but we've started our own band, unofficially named "Rogue One" (after all, we are all aspiring Jedi).  

Our goal is to prove to the world that with the proper mindset and focus (the very mindset and focus you'll begin to develop through our Warrior Spirit mental, physical, and spiritual fitness enhancement training), you can do anything or be anyone you want to be.  These days there's a LOT of people SPEAKING wonderful words like "mindfulness," "meditation," "motivation," "focus," etc.  However, we don't like to just talk about, think about, or visualize what we want--we like to DO it.  JUST DO IT!  Nike ;-)   

Anyway, here's some music you might catch us performing down the road!  It's instrumental guitar music designed to enhance creativity, focus, and memory--making for a great accompaniment to your Warrior Spirit Fitness and Self-Defense training--and a great soundtrack for your Warrior Spirit lifestyle of freedom, adventure, and conquering all of the challenges that await you on your way to achieving your dreams!

Put on your best headphones and turn up the volume!

More Music Coming Soon!

*Much of our music is dedicated to our military, law enforcement, and first responders who risk their lives bringing order to chaos and security to us all