WARRIOR SPIRIT Fitness and Self-Defense 

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“There’s a certain moment when you realize that you’ve actually just left the planet for a bit and that nobody can touch you. . . . When it works, baby, you’ve got wings.” --Keith Richards on playing guitar with the Rolling Stones

The WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS program is derived from authentic martial arts training practices, so doing it builds up real-world self-defense skills.  However, it starts with stick-fighting based drills that simultaneously develop the brain and body through what could be called a natural form of "neuroplasticity" or "synaptic plasticity" enhancement training.  Inducing what some refer to as a state of "flow," our training is a vehicle to stepping "out of the box," increasing creativity, and learning faster.  Combining fitness that speeds up an individual's learning with the simplest, most effective, and streamlined self-defense techniques in the world takes our students beyond what has ever been achieved in a training environment before. No other training program like WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS currently exists on earth--there is no substitute. 

One of the secrets to WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS’ effectiveness lies in the fact that our unique stick-fighting drills entail specific body movements that require increasingly greater degrees of balance, coordination, dexterity, memory, and focus--all while repetitiously practicing real-world fighting techniques.  Our stick-fighting training is the most effective way that we've found to RAPIDLY develop a person holistically because they create a state characterized by extraordinary focus, confidence, a feeling unlimited potential, internal motivation, the absence of hunger and fatigue, and joy."

Neurological research has shown that physical body movements requiring higher degrees of balance, coordination, and dexterity serve to create the state of "flow," and can enhance the brain in multiple cognitive areas—including memory, focus, creativity, and neurological processing speed.  In other words, you can become a faster learner, stay focused for longer periods of time, become more creative, and shorten your reaction time through consistent training.  Our stick drills are designed to do just that.  They can also stave off dementia and memory loss in one’s later years. Our drills have even restored neurologic function in some of our students--veterans who suffered nerve damage from combat wounds. 

There is plenty of research out there that backs up our claims.  If for some reason you can't trust our expertise, here's some articles to get your research started: 








As you continue along our training path, you'll find yourself learning, accomplishing daily tasks, and remembering things more easily.  Does this sound like a formula for superhuman development?  That’s EXACTLY what WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is!  Our series of drills are essentially a recipe for coordination, health, longevity, cognitive ability, and they can even restore lost neurologic function!  What other method of working out can claim all that?!


WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS and SELF-DEFENSE training is derived from bona-fide, centuries old martial arts forms.  It was further developed by former U.S. Tier-1 Special Operations soldiers with decades of training, combat experience, and access to some of the finest scientists as well as fitness, health, and martial arts trainers in the world.  They have enhanced the old ways of training to make them more applicable to an ever-evolving self-defense environment as well as the fitness needs and time constraints of professionals in the fast-paced modern world. 


Each WSF drill, practiced at a moderate speed, can burn well over 1,000 calories in an hour!  This is because the stick-fighting drills work the entire body all at once, including the upper body, the lower body, the core, and the brain (when in the process of learning, balancing, moving, etc., the brain consumes an incredible amount of calories).  Physically, working the entire body at once not only builds truly functional fitness, but it also provides you with a maximum cardiovascular workout—the key to longevity and health.  Finally, WSF drills are extremely low impact, so you won’t be damaging your joints and you can continue doing them for the rest of your life!  

Some Karate and Kung Fu masters have lived well beyond 100 years old with little to no memory loss or physical ailments.  With a minimum of 15 minutes a day of WSF exercise and healthy eating habits, you can literally add decades to your life!


We believe there must be a REASON for everything we do.  As you master our stick-fighting drills, you have the option of moving on to higher levels of training with more focused techniques, target striking, and finally sparring against multiple attackers wearing protective equipment.  You can also move on to training with us in empty handed self-defense, ground fighting, and the defensive use of other improvised weapons and firearms.  ALL of the forms of self-defense that we practice are based in the foundations built by our stick-fighting drills.  Ultimately, the attributes built with our stick-fighting drills will make you better at ALL forms of self-defense.

The skills you learn with us will empower you--building your confidence and spirit.  As you continue your daily workouts, you’ll gradually accumulate an incredible repertoire of self-defense skills that you’ll be able to instinctively apply in the critical moments of a dangerous and stress-inducing real attack on yourself or others. 

Ultimately you’ll know that you’ve acquired difficult-to-acquire skills--leaving you more prepared to teach others, lead others, and help yourself or others in the event of a dangerous attack.  We believe this kind of preparation is our duty and responsibility as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and good citizens.  



Taking pioneering action, accepting the difficult but necessary challenges, making mistakes and trying again, dedicating oneself to a worthy cause, and leaving a positive example for others to follow is what being a true leader is all about, and it’s what the WARRIOR SPIRIT is all about.  

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