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Our training is not just about self-defense. More broadly, it includes all aspects of motivation, creativity and human performance--and nothing says human performance like the ability to create art!  We are truly humbled when we see how great artists inspire the world!  In fact, we recommend art as a way to further enhance your own brain/body connection. We're doing it ourselves! We've never been professional artists, but we've been learning to sketch and paint!  Check out some of our ninja/body sketches below, and check back to see how they improve over time!

Jiraiya's Ninjas

We are selling framed, hand-drawn, original NINJAS and GUITAR PLAYERS! An 11 X 14 framed ninja OR guitar player is $80 if it is bought directly from us.  NOTE: The completed art will be unique/original, framed, and fully finished/shaded as you see in the first three photos!

If you would like to purchase a ninja drawing from us, please choose one of the ninja poses below, then send an email to: [email protected]  

In your email, please specify the following:

1) Which ninja pose you would like (i.e "Male Ninja 1", "NSO-0123A")

4) Your email address and/or contact number

5) Your mailing address

6) The Paypal account from which you will be making your payment.

7) Make a payment of $80 to [email protected] via Paypal

*We will contact you upon receipt of your email and payment to let you know your ninja is on the way! Please allow two weeks for delivery. Keep in mind that your ninja is an original, hand-drawn artwork.

Sketches by Ono Yoko

Sketches by Ronin

Paints and Charcoals by Meerkat

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