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Warrior Spirit Fitness and Self-Defense


If you've been watching our videos, you are probably wondering why we are wearing masks. In fact, you might feel it's a little bit creepy. However, we take security seriously. We know that in today's world, once a picture, video, or other information about someone is posted on the internet, it can become difficult--or in some cases impossible--to take it down

In addition, we are based in Northern Virginia--the heart of America's national security and defense communities. Because of this, some of our students may work in security related fields that could make them more attractive targets for kidnappings, terrorism, or various forms of exploitation.  And we don't want to compromise ANYONE'S security for the sake of our own advertising. Therefore, it has become our policy to put masks on or block out the faces of ALL of our students who are shown in pictures or videos online. We also won't share our students' emails or sensitive information with anyone. We want our students to be able to trust that we will always protect their identities and their privacy--no matter who they are.

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warrior spirit fitness
warrior spirit fitness
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stick-fighting fitness
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stick-fighting fitness class
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stick-fighting class
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warrior spirit fitness class
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