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The Most Efficient and Effective Fitness Program


The most cutting edge of all technology is the HUMAN BRAIN.  The WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS program is created by former U.S. Army Special Operations soldiers along with many of the world's leading experts in brain science, exercise science, and martial arts training.  It is derived from authentic martial arts training practices, so doing it builds up real-world self-defense skills. However, the core of  our training starts by building a strong foundation with stick-fighting-based drills that simultaneously develop the brain and body through what could be called a natural form of "NEUROPLASTICITY" or "SYNAPTIC PLASTICITY" enhancement training.  Our training is a vehicle to stepping "out of your box," increasing creativity, and learning faster.  Combining fitness that both exercises and speeds up an individual's learning with the simplest, most effective, and streamlined self-defense techniques in the world takes our students beyond what has ever been achieved in a training environment before!

Brain research has shown that both LEARNING and PHYSICAL EXERCISE--particularly those requiring higher degrees of balance, coordination, and dexterity--serve to enhance NEUROGENESIS in the brain--enhancing things like memory, focus, creativity, and neurological processing speed (allowing you to quickly act, react, and "think on your feet").  WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS requires you to learn and memorize increasingly complex stick-fighting movements while exercising your cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system simultaneously.  You will build greater and greater levels of  balance, coordination, dexterity, endurance, timing, memory, mental focus, and so much more.  In our experience, training in stick-fighting is the most effective method for quickly developing our students in all areas.  

As former special operations soldiers ourselves, we were required to learn an astounding array of skillsets to include martial arts, tactics, advanced marksmanship, operation of many advanced weapons and communications systems, morse code, land navigation, outdoor survival, mountaineering, multiple foreign languages, high speed tactical driving, the operation of all kinds of vehicles to include cars, heavy tracked vehicles, motorcycles, underwater vehicles, aircraft, and the list goes on and on and on!  We were also required to keep our bodies in the shape of Olympic athletes while doing it all!  What is the best foundation for all of this?  That's right!--WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS stick-fighting drills!    

You can become a faster learner, stay focused for longer periods of time, become more creative, and shorten your reaction time through consistent training.  Our stick drills are designed to do just that--and they can even stave off dementia and memory loss in one’s later years. Our drills have even restored neurologic function in some of our students--veterans who suffered nerve damage from combat wounds.  NO OTHER FITNESS PROGRAM IN THE WORLD COMBINES THIS LEVEL OF MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND SPIRITUAL TRAINING.

There is plenty of research out there that backs up our claims. If for some reason you can't trust our expertise, here's some articles to get your own research started:

As you continue along our training path, you'll find yourself learning, accomplishing daily tasks, and remembering things more easily. Does this sound like a formula for superhuman development? That’s EXACTLY what WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is! Our series of drills are essentially a recipe for coordination, health, longevity, cognitive ability, and they can even restore lost neurologic function! AND they teach you how to protect yourself! That's killing a LOT of birds with one stone. What other method of fitness can claim all that?!


Each WSF drill, practiced at a moderate speed, can burn well over 1,000 calories in an hour! This is because the stick-fighting drills work the entire body all at once, including the upper body, the lower body, the core, and the brain (when in the process of learning, balancing, moving, etc., the brain consumes an incredible amount of calories). Finally, our training is extremely low impact, so you won’t be damaging your joints and you can continue doing it for the rest of your life!