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Warrior Spirit Fitness and Self-Defense

Our Team

We strongly believe in quality over quantity, and we never hedge on our standards. We cast a wide net in our search for the best of the best. Although our founders come from elite special operations units, anyone who teaches on our behalf now and in the future will have undergone a rigorous selection and training process--and our selection process never ends. In other words, we uphold our standards every day. Our instructor selection process is a very humbling experience, so you can be assured that you'll not only be learning from the best of the best--you'll also be learning from very humble, quiet, and down-to-earth professional instructors who can always do two things better than others-- PERFORM and TEACH OTHERS HOW TO PERFORM.

Our founders have served in the highest priority units in the U.S. Department of Defense and beyond. From this experience we've learned a very important truth--which is that things like earning an Army Green Beret, a Navy SEAL trident, a black belt from a renowned martial arts academy, or a high level degree from an Ivy League college are great accomplishments in themselves--but they don't necessarily mean a person is competent or high-performing today--nor do they give a person the special touch it takes to be a great teacher, or the drive it takes to continue finding the best ways forward.  Thus, as time goes on, we are selecting and training new instructors from our pool of students.  This means YOU can become one of us, helping to bring yourself and others new heights!

What truly matters to us is TODAY'S PERFORMANCE, and TOMORROW'S PERFORMANCE. We've put out a few videos to give our potential clients a small taste of our skills and our training. Please compare our videos with what exists elsewhere. We're confident that you'll be able to see the telling results of our training--even if it's only in the way our students move and the confidence with which they perform their actions. More importantly, YOUR PERFORMANCE, after spending some time with us, will speak for itself.

We carry on training methods and traditions that have been passed on and improved upon by countless generations of warriors. Our training methods never cease to be improved upon!

We strive every day for self-improvement and intend to uphold this tradition for the betterment of our students, our country and our world.

Contact us today to find out more. Call (571) 762-2818 or email [email protected].